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Setting up a swag, while tring to avoid the midges - on the Banks of the Barrow, a tidal river that flows through South East Ireland.

Our 'tinny' (a small metal flat bottomed boat we brought over from Oz) on the banks of the River Barrow, as we prepare for a spot of fishing.

Check out our recent video of the two day Stone Mad Ultra Marathon. Entries are now open for the 2015 Event. Starting in Kildare on Day 1, the route meanders alongside the beautiful river Barrow on it's journey through villages, fields and countryside to Carlow. The way is flat, with gentle off-road terrain.

Photo: rotisserie


One of our favourite pieces of camp cooking  equipment, our trusty battery operated rotisserie, you can't beat food slowly cooked over an open fire using a rotisserie. Stay tuned as we will be posting some of our favourite and simple recipes soon.

Photo: rotisserie